images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed

On this trip we did not have any problems with the brakes. Detail view of the arrangement of nuts and washers on the threaded bar. Then Damae managed to try out the only acoustic mandolin in Drammen before we retraced our steps back to the Biltema. Latest breaking news available as free video on demand. All rights reserved. The coffee and samosa gave us the impetus to go back towards Drammen, and pop into the Gulskogen shopping centre instead of heading straight home.

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  • VSF FAHRRAD MANUFAKTUR T SPEED ROHLOFF. Here is a post about my bicycle I call “Wooffie”. First I put specs of the bicycle and. Framesize: Gents: 26" 47, 52, 57 cm; Frame: 25 CrMo 4, 2-fold tapered with Exzenter bottom bracket; Color: ebony; Head set: Ritchey Comp Logic V2, a- head. The vsf fahrradmanufaktur offers unique trekking bikes and city bikes in premium quality.

    The expedition and travelbike is already legendary today.
    The clips pull the frame down so that the L-shape tongue is clamped to the plastic Brompton bag mount.

    Give me snow and twenty degrees below zero any day. Spoke to rear fork clearance on the non-drive side of the Nexus 8 hub.

    images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed

    The cross piece is the one at the bottom of the triangle next to the rear hinge. This is to push the chain line outwards a few millimetres. The VSF T has horizontal dropouts and I ran out of time to try to work out how to bodge the hitches to fit these bikes.

    images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed
    There is an L-section piece of metal welded onto the middle of the bar. I bought the Weber parts from hollandbikeshop.

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    To put that into perspective, a standard derailleur drivetrain will rarely shift well after 10,km. The XL has fewer ventilation options than the standard Dolphin trailer but importantly the XL has 6 cm extra headroom 76 cm.

    The first thing Damae did, after stopping, was to dig out her rain jacket.

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    Liked 2 Times in 1 Post. Gates carbon belt drive.

    At the heart of the T is a steel double butted frame, and there aren't many of of those around nowadays. The 14 speed Rohloff gear hub gives you all the.

    vsf fahrradmanufaktur ▷ TX 26 inch men trekking bike - speed XT, HS33 vsf fahrradmanufaktur T Rohloff Men Trekking Bike - Disc - Gates Belt.

    Brompton rear triangle widening , custom gearing thread Bike Forums

    I have one myself, a German VSF TX with a 14 speed hub gear on the back. My VSF T Rohloff came with the components I wanted.
    I measured up the hub again, then the ERD on the rim and put the details into Edd and a couple of other online spoke length calculators.

    The outer edge of the Brompt-o-lieb is just visible in the picture. Last edited by syklist; at PM.

    images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed

    Yep, our VSF bikes are now fully equipped for winter. Last weekend we decided to give our 16 speed Bromptons another test.

    images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed
    Vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed
    The bags can be removed as a single unit with a little extra care and carried around without removing the Ortlieb bags.

    Detail of the lower mounting of the Brompt-o-lieb piggy back frame. When he was done with his breakfast, he ambled slowly off to the edge of the garden and headed on downhill.

    In Drammen we were anonymous again, despite or maybe because of being buffeted by the sea of people coming at us from all directions. Hi guys I'm looking at a new brand of expedition bicycles and the VSF bikes seem like a good option.

    VSF Fahrradmanufaktur T Rohloff Frame Steel, inch wheels, frame-size 52cm (could be slightly bigger, I'm 1 Drive system Rohloff Speedhub Speed.

    Our 14 speed, performance bicycle I.G.H. impresses all with its high level of quality E; combined with the SPEEDHUB /14 to provide the best shifting. Rohloff Splined Carrier Adapter with Snap Ring Circlip Standard. 25,- €.

    images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed

    Rohloff Oil of Speedhub /14 25 ml Set Cleaning oil + All seasons oil.
    Find More Posts by jur. Disclaimer — what happens if something goes wrong?

    The bike is upside down in this picture. Somewhere between Drammen and Gol we crossed that unseen border, from the world of the big city to the fiefdom of the large village. Would you still get tyre clearance problems with a narrow tyre such as a Kojak?

    images vsf t400 rohloff 14 speed
    As the Tour of Britain gets into full swing, here are three London venues where bike-lovers can eat, drink, shop — or even bag themselves a date….

    I accept no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred by using the tool described in this post. The warmer winters lead to lots of ice on the roads and paths sometimes several centimetres thick. Reason: It's a bit late to be posting things on the internet The tyre is a Schwalbe Marathon pumped up to near normal pressure. Getting the tyres on is trivial with the Simson Tyre Mate recommended purchase but I managed to break the Var Tyre tool the first time I used it to remove a tyre.

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      This page contains all websites related to: Vsf. I was making a cuppa and looked out of the window at the falling snow.

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      Give me snow and twenty degrees below zero any day.

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      One thing that surprised us was the brakes. The new blocks have already been ordered so I look forward to seeing how that improves the bikes.