images cavum meckeli tumor on spine

Figure 5. Because of the potential malignant behavior of these tumors, other authors emphasize the role of adjuvant radiotherapy in case of subtotal resection. Civelek, A. This was falsely reassuring. Furthermore, intracranial topography presents a higher risk [ 789 ]. David W. Small cystic areas were noted. The amorphous material was congophilic and showed apple-green birefringence under polarized light Figure 5. Surg Neurol —, false. In our present case, an intracavernous aneurysm was easily ruled out by the absence of such typical MRI features on T2-weighted images as the flow void phenomenon or intra-aneurysmal high-signal thrombus, as well as the lack of calcification on CT.

  • Bilateral Meckel’s cave amyloidoma A case report EMconsulte
  • Meckel cave meningioma Radiology Case
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  • Meckel's cave contains the trigeminal nerve between prepontine cistern and cavernous sinus. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common cause of perineural spread given its. Diffusely thickened spinal nerves (e). A paraganglioma in Meckel's cave is an uncommon tumor in this location. The vast majority of paragangliomas present as spinal intradural tumors in the paraganglioma occurring in the region of the Meckel's cavum.

    Bilateral Meckel’s cave amyloidoma A case report EMconsulte

    A series of 12 patients with mass lesions arising from Meckel's cave is presented. melanotic schwannoma, arachnoid cyst, neurofibroma, epidermoid tumor.
    Intracranial extra-axial cavernous HEM angiomas: tumors or vascular malformations?

    D DWI is negative. Neurosurgery — Levy WJAnsbacher LByer Jet al : Primary malignant nerve sheath tumor of the gasserian ganglion: a report of two cases.

    Her previous medical history was unremarkable.

    images cavum meckeli tumor on spine

    Neurosurgery 20 : 1 — 3Florensa R, Llovet J, Pou A, et al: Contralateral trigeminal neuralgia as a false localizing sign in intracranial tumors. A year-old woman presented with a three-year history of progressive numbness and neuralgia in the territory of the second, third and, finally, first divisions of the right trigeminal nerve.

    images cavum meckeli tumor on spine
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    Extraneural locations such as the skin, bones, and viscera have also been reported.

    images cavum meckeli tumor on spine

    Top of the page - Article Outline. Left: Computerized tomography scan with contrast infusion showing a hypodense nonenhancing lesion arrow in the left temporal fossa with erosion of the petrous bone.

    Peak incidence is between the fourth and fifth decade of life, without any sex predominance [ 2 ]. The pathology was meningioma. Peer Reviewed.

    The aim of this article is to list them in an easy way for revision and assessment of differential diagnosis. Neoplastic Meckel cave tumors account for only % of.

    Meckel cave meningioma Radiology Case

    Amyloïdome bilatéral du cavum de Meckel: à propos d'un cas Tumors of Meckel's cave are uncommon, representing only around % of all intracranial.

    cerebellopontine angle, pituitary gland, temporal and orbital bone and spinal canal. To investigate clinical characteristics of patients with malignant tumors of Meckel's cave with two illustrative cases.

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    A comparative analysis of clinical features of.
    Beck Articles by Arnold H. The pathological diagnosis was an epidermoid tumor.

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    Sarcoidosis can occur in the nervous system commonly involving the second, seventh and eighth cranial nerves, even in the absence of evidence of systemic disease. On CT, MSs generally appear isodense or slightly hyperdense and may contain calcifications.

    D DWI is negative.

    Meckel cave lesions (differential) Radiology Reference Article

    The absence of associated bony lesions and a normal FDG PET scan are additional findings favoring a diagnosis of amyloidoma.

    images cavum meckeli tumor on spine
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    Total removal of lesions in this area resulted in relief of symptoms in most patients, with minimum morbidity.

    images cavum meckeli tumor on spine

    Surgical resection is the treatment of choice. Right: Coronal T 2 -weighted image TR msec, TE msec showing a high-signal area arrow in the region of Meckel's cave that appears to be distinctly separate from the temporal lobe. Aygun, F. Clinicopathological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study of 13 cases of melanotic schwannoma.

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      The cells stain positive for melanin Fontanareticulin Gomoriand periodic acid-Schiff.

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      Under MR-guided neuronavigation, the patient underwent a biopsy of the right-sided lesion, using an intradural subtemporal approach.

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      The 12 patients presented eight different pathological entities, including meningioma, lipoma, schwannoma, malignant melanotic schwannoma, arachnoid cyst, neurofibroma, epidermoid tumor, and chordoma. Magnetic resonance angiography MRA ruled out a vascular lesion, while computed tomography CT of the head demonstrated the absence of any bony erosion of the skull base, especially at the level of the perisellar region.

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